Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Word Chain rules

One fun game to play on Papble is the Papble Word chain, here is how the rules work.

You are given a start word; you then morph that word into a new word. The rules to change the words are simple:

1. Add a letter - ex. you can turn PAN into PAIN

2. Remove a letter - ex. you can turn FROG into FOG

3. Change a letter - ex. you can turn PIG into PUG

4. Create an anagram (rearrange letters) - ex. you can turn RATES into STARE

Note: Rules are independent as you cannot remove a letter and rearrange that the same time.

Every word must be a valid word in the Webster’s English dictionary


Start with CAT, get to DOG

COT - Change A to an O
DOT - Change C to an D
DOG - Change T to an G

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