Monday, February 8, 2010

Who Dat!

Saints fans looked to honor the team and the city on the Papble wall. Record numbers turned out this weekend to view and show their support for the Saints and their city on Papble.
Looking to immortalize the team that has meant so much to a city fans visited Papble in record numbers to show support for the team. Be it honors for players or the city itself people are leaving their mark for New Orleans on Papble. Visit Papble to view all the comments from Saints fans or to add your own comments and support ‘Make it Right New Orleans’.

The idea of the Papble Wall arose from the historic walls where people would leave notes to others when modern communication means did not exist. We believe this desire to have a common place to leave messages for people exist today. Each spot on the wall will be filled with a color and personalized message. The proceeds from each Papble will either support a specific organization or split amoung the group of organizations.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hurry, get your New Year Papble dedication now!

Hurry, get your New Year Papble dedication now!

Time is running out for your New Year Papble dedication. There is no better way to start off someone’s New Year than with a New Year’s Papble dedication.

Let someone know what you think of them with your New Year’s dedication. Start off their year right!

5 Reasons you should make a Papble dedication

1. How would you feel if someone shouted from a rooftop about you? Papble allows you to do that, shout from the rooftops and let everyone know what positive things you think about them. Papble is the internet rooftop. Make your compliment, honor, or praise on Papble and shout from the rooftops.

2. Papble is a mash-up of many different groups of people and many different ideas. Compliments and honors for many great people have been made. Isn’t there someone you know that is worthy of being in that group. What a better place to put your dedication next to many other great dedications.

3. Thinking about others will help you. The more you think about other people the more positive you will be about yourself. Papble puts your dedications with other positive dedications. Associating yourself with positive thoughts and thinking about others positively will help you. Keep the positive momentum going with your Papble dedication.

4. Papble is fun. Watching the wall grow, hunting for comments everywhere, and thinking of new Papbles for people. Everyone can enjoy Papble. Be part of the experience.

5. All Papble’s support a good cause. Not only are you are you benefiting yourself and the person you are dedicating the Papble, you will be supporting a much larger group.

So make someone’s day, give a Papble dedication!

Get started now!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Top 11 reasons to advertise on Papble

Top 11 reasons to advertise on Papble:

1. Papble will expose your application to various customer groups in similar areas.

Papble includes similar groups creating Papbles of associated images. If you are interested in
communicating with people interested in weddings, then advertise on the area dedicated to

2. You can support a good cause while getting your business advertised.

A percentage of all Papbles will be donated to a charity. In some cases this will be directly related to the Papble image, for example breast cancer, others will be split among the various charities and groups on Papble.

3. Increase you back links to your site.

You can include a link in every Papble. You can increase links to your site from Papble.

4. Papble advertising is very affordable and ideal for small businesses.

Current Papble prices are only $4.50 USD. A very affordable type of advertising for your business.

5. Very easy to create your advertisement.

In the same vain as twitter, your advertisements are 140 characters for the detail and 140 for the name. Get multiple Papbles to help build a story for your business.

6. Traffic to your site can be increased.

As users are browsing Papble, they are likely to visit your site. This proximity traffic is a very exciting potential of Papble.

7. Papble is living and growing so your users will not get bored.

Papble is a living entity, this growth will keep people coming back and watching that growth. As the site grows, so can the success for your business.

8. Not only exposure to your target market, Papble allows exposure to near target, and distant markets.

Papble has many varied groups all on 1 “brick” wall sharing different ideas and links. So on the same wall someone advertising their Etsy products will be next to another supporting a
sports team. This melding and mash-up of various ideas increase the power of Papble.

9. Papble allows your link to be followed.

All links on Papble are set with NoFollow. See for more information on NoFollow.

10. Papble increases exposure into social media though integration with facebook, twitter, etc.

Papble has facebook connect to create a link with facebook and it will interface will twitter. Both networks are key parts to Papble and will help your exposure on these networks.

11. Papble is fun for your customers.

Watching the Wall grow will be exciting for everyone involved. The more the Wall grows the more exciting it will be for the fans of Papble, and thus the fans of your business.

Get your business, idea, group added to Papble now:

1. Go to

2. Login with Facebook, or create a Papble userid.

3. Create your Papble with your message to your target market. Make sure to include your link to your site, example: (be sure to include the http://)

All the unique Papble messages will be included in the page. The links included on this page will not have the nofollow tag.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Word Chain rules

One fun game to play on Papble is the Papble Word chain, here is how the rules work.

You are given a start word; you then morph that word into a new word. The rules to change the words are simple:

1. Add a letter - ex. you can turn PAN into PAIN

2. Remove a letter - ex. you can turn FROG into FOG

3. Change a letter - ex. you can turn PIG into PUG

4. Create an anagram (rearrange letters) - ex. you can turn RATES into STARE

Note: Rules are independent as you cannot remove a letter and rearrange that the same time.

Every word must be a valid word in the Webster’s English dictionary


Start with CAT, get to DOG

COT - Change A to an O
DOT - Change C to an D
DOG - Change T to an G