Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hurry, get your New Year Papble dedication now!

Hurry, get your New Year Papble dedication now!

Time is running out for your New Year Papble dedication. There is no better way to start off someone’s New Year than with a New Year’s Papble dedication.

Let someone know what you think of them with your New Year’s dedication. Start off their year right!

5 Reasons you should make a Papble dedication

1. How would you feel if someone shouted from a rooftop about you? Papble allows you to do that, shout from the rooftops and let everyone know what positive things you think about them. Papble is the internet rooftop. Make your compliment, honor, or praise on Papble and shout from the rooftops.

2. Papble is a mash-up of many different groups of people and many different ideas. Compliments and honors for many great people have been made. Isn’t there someone you know that is worthy of being in that group. What a better place to put your dedication next to many other great dedications.

3. Thinking about others will help you. The more you think about other people the more positive you will be about yourself. Papble puts your dedications with other positive dedications. Associating yourself with positive thoughts and thinking about others positively will help you. Keep the positive momentum going with your Papble dedication.

4. Papble is fun. Watching the wall grow, hunting for comments everywhere, and thinking of new Papbles for people. Everyone can enjoy Papble. Be part of the experience.

5. All Papble’s support a good cause. Not only are you are you benefiting yourself and the person you are dedicating the Papble, you will be supporting a much larger group.

So make someone’s day, give a Papble dedication!

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