Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fund Raising with Papble

One of the great things about Papble is how it can be used for groups of people can use it for fund raising activities. Similar to your high school yearbooks where students or businesses buy space to help earn money, Papble does this on a larger scale.

Let’s use an example, the group trying to raise money signs up for Papble and gets 100 people to sign up.

If those 100 people purchased 10 Papbles each, that would result in $315.00 of money to the fundraiser.

Getting those 100 people to refer just 10 more people who purchased 5 each would result in an additional $1125.00.

And finally if you get those 1000 people get 10 more signed up and those averaged just 2 Papbles to your cause you would generate $3375.00 more.

For a total of $4815.00 for your fundraiser.

Obviously the amount you can generate depends on how many people you have exposure that will support your group. However for most groups the initial 100 people should be a conservative number.