Sunday, May 3, 2009

Earning Money with Papble

Earning money with Papble is easy; simply drive people to Papble and you can start earning money.

Why would people want to do this?

1. Its fun.
2. You can support what you are a fan of.
3. You can see what others wrote.
4. You can leave your comments and be a part of history.

Let’s use the current American Idol promotion as an example. A website was created with the idol logo that is being added to the Papble wall.

Please can simply go to this site and pick a point on the wall to fill in. They enter this color and then your message.

There is also a papble hunt at 219 across and 16 down. This should be exciting to see where these questions go. The opportunities and ideas are endless. Remember that with Papble, for everyone you refer directly you receive 7%, the people they refer you receive 5% and the 3rd level people you will receive 2.5%.

We look forward to seeing the ideas you come up with.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Traffic Increased with Papble

Would you like to experience a 175% increase in traffic?

Businesses advertising on Papble have experienced a 175% increase in traffic in some cases.

How is it possible to increase your traffic using Papble?
It’s really simple; Papble uniquely combines a graphical board with the ability to associate text with that board. Further, Papble creates a static page based on the entries in Papble, this static page can be easily seen (indexed) by Google and yahoo, etc and added to their search engines.

As people watch Papble grow and follow the data points on Papble they will be exposed to your business.

As more people start advertising, and then promoting Papble the more your site will be seen and visited.

Part of the excitement of Papble is looking though all the entries people have left. It is like a big scavenger hunt.

Give it a shot and see if you experience an increase in traffic also.