Monday, August 31, 2009

Papble, the meshing of diverse groups

Where can you see support for New Orleans, Alumni associations, Breast Cancer, Big Brother / Big Sisters, Red Cross, and many more? The answer is Papble.

Papble brings together people supporting various groups to one place to create a new unified image. What’s exciting is that each “brick” on Papble can be supported by a different person, with a different comment. In one place, you can see these individual pieces and stories they tell.

From cheers to your sports team, nostalgic memories, loving support, to outright braggadocio, Papble has it.

So, if it’s Big Brother or Trueblood you like, LSU or New Orleans, UNC or Duke, or many more, there is something for you.

Check out one of the images currently in progress:

Auburn University Foundation
Autism Speaks
Big Brother TV and Support Big Brothers/Big Sisters
Boston Red Sox Foundation
Brad Pitt's Make It Right Foundation New Orleans
Breast Cancer Research
Bucker International
Couples Questions
Duke: Alumni Undergraduate Scholarship
Habitat for Humanity
Humane Society
Kansas Alumni Association
LSU Foundation
Make A Wish
Musers Hydrant
New York Yankees Montefiore Child Protection Center
Texas A&M Foundation
Texas Longhorns President Fund
Texas Rangers Baseball Foundation
Trivia benefiting Reading is Fundamental
True Blood for the Red Cross
Twilight for the Red Cross
UNC: Scholarships and Student Aid fund
United Way
Wedding Honors

Monday, August 24, 2009

Brad Pitt for Mayor "Campaign" and Fundraisers

As many good things from New Orleans, the Brad Pitt for Mayor Campaign started at Tulane University by Dr. Thomas M. Bayer. He made a list of 13 reasons why Pitt should be mayor of New Orleans. See those reasons here, And as they say, the rest was history.

Why would Brad Pitt make a good Mayor of New Orleans, I don’t know that he would, however the Brad Pitt inspired Make It Right Foundation has dedicated itself to helping citizens affected by Hurricane Katrina. The foundation plans on building 150 energy-efficient houses for citizens who lost their homes during Katrina.

It hasn’t been since the Saint went to the Super bowl that New Orleans has received this much attention, oops. So how can Brad Pitt for Mayor be a bad thing?